The Eddo & Dandy Book Club

At Eddo & Dandy, we are passionate about promoting self care and wellness and we want to encourage connectedness, especially during this strange time in Irish history.

Just as scent can evoke a feeling or a memory, books can provide the soundtrack to real life experiences the characters, ideas, dilemmas and behaviors we learn through our books help us “read” everything else that surrounds us

We will be hosting a free monthly book club where we will read an eclectic mix of books from both Irish and international authors, spanning a wide variety of genres and topics. At the end of each book, we will announce the next title. We will also be welcoming title suggestions from our members.

What’s This Months Book?

The chosen book for March’s book club is The Education of an Idealist by Samantha Power. Available on our website, at all good bookshops and on Kindle.

The Education of an Idealist brings a unique blend of suspenseful storytelling, vivid character portraits, and shrewd political insight. It traces Power’s distinctly American journey from immigrant to war correspondent to presidential Cabinet official.

A Pulitzer Prize–winning writer, Power transports us from her childhood in Dublin to the streets of war-torn Bosnia to the White House Situation Room and the world of high-stakes diplomacy.

When Will the Book Club Take Place?

Our first book club meeting is taking place through Zoom at 7pm on Wednesday 24th March 2021 (hopefully giving you plenty of time to complete the book!)

We intend on hosting the book club once a month on the second last Wednesday of the month. (Cos there is always something on the last week!)

Who Can Join ?

Anyone can join our book club, and at any time, we will always be welcoming new members.

How to Join

To sign up to the Eddo & Dandy Book Club fill out the form below.
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