We hope that this page helps to answer your questions, but if not we’d love to here from you by emailing info@eddoanddandy.ie

Do you do party favors?

Yes we do, we are happy to work with you to select a scent and candle or wax melt size for your favor. All of these can be personalised. If you would like to discuss some ideas or receive more information, please reach out to us as info@eddoanddandy.ie.

Whats the best way to extinguish a candle?

We recommend using a snuffer to cover the lit wick. This will ensure that the wick doesn’t get damaged. Alternatively if you don’t have one of these, gently blow the candle out.

If you notice that the wick on your candle starts to “mushroom” you should cut this to 0.5mm. This can be done by using a wick trimmers or scissors. This is to ensure the flame on your candle remains low and safe.

How often should I turn the reeds in my diffuser?

We recommend turning all the reeds in your diffuser once a week. This ensures that the reeds never dry out and always smell amazing.

When will I receive my order?

At present, all orders are shipped within a maximum of 48 hours of ordering. If you are ordering from outside of the republic of Ireland, please allow a few extra days for your order to arrive.

Where can I purchase Eddo & Dandy products?

At present our products are available online through our own website.

We also make attend various craft fairs and farmers markets, check out https://eddoanddandy.ie/eddo-dandy-on-tour/ to find out when we are next at your nearest farmers market! Alternatively, follow our Facebook and Instagram pages for notifications of when we attend these!

I’m not able to order the quantity of a product I want, is there another way?

We update our store daily as we make more of each product and would recommend checking back daily. Alternatively, reach out to us via email and we can look into this for you.

I’m having trouble placing an order, what should I do?

Please reach out to us by email at info@eddoanddandy.ie or send us a private message through our Instagram or Facebook page.

Are Eddo & Dandy products sustainable?

Yes! All of our candles and wax melts are made with sustainably sourced soy wax, a cleaner alternative for your home and the environment. We only use vegan friendly oils across our entire range. As well as this we use eco friendly solutions in our diffusers. Where possible, we only use packaging that is fully recyclable. However, this is not always possible and to combat our effect o the environment, we are proud to donate a percentage of our profits to support tree planting across Ireland. For further details on how we are reducing our impact, check out Our Commitment to the Environment.

Can the glass containers be reused?

Yes! We encourage everybody to re-purpose their candle glass into all kinds of other containers for pens, make up brushes etc. We also offer candle and diffuser refills. To find out more check out Classic Candle Refills, Explorer Collection Refill and Diffuser Refill for further details!